Children at the Festival 

"When dreaming up this festival, a place where daughters could return year after year with their mothers was the vision. I also imagined a place where mothers could come without their children to let go and find themselves again as wild women."

- Emilee Saldaya
Depending on what season you are in with your children, you may really want to bring them, and they are most welcome! 


Kids Camp & Meals

Your child’s ticket (ages 4-10 for girls, 4-6 for boys) includes access to Kids Camp!

We offer Kids Camp every day between 11 am - 3 pm, allowing you to attend the majority of the schedule kid-free. 

Children's tickets also include a meal pass and snacks during camp hours.

Bringing Baby

Babies 12 months and under are free and the tickets are unlimited; however they still MUST have a ticket, so be sure to include one at checkout.

Children 1-3 years old require a toddler ticket. This includes 2 meals/day!  These tickets are limited. We recommend purchasing one now before they sell out. 

We have a limited amount of tickets available for children. 

If you are coming with small children, you are encouraged to bring a support woman. You are responsible for your child at all times and are never to leave them unattended, except when they attend Kids Camp.


Boys aged six and under are welcome. No males 7 and older are allowed. We do not make exceptions or offer refunds at the gate.

There will be amplified sound the last two nights of the festival, so bring noise-blocking headphones for your kiddos. 

Have questions? 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.