This Year’s Lineup

Facilitating woman-to-woman wisdom sharing, traditions and rituals are paramount to our mission at the Matriarch Rising Festival. This is why every year, we source the most talented teachers and artists we know to share their gifts with you on topics like somatic dance, womb wisdom, herbalism, radical feminism, authentic midwifery, and so much more.


We can’t wait to share this year’s lineup with you!



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Peia, Songbird
Old-world Celtic and contemporary folk music featuring hypnotic grooves and soaring vocals.

Peia’s mesmerizing performances offer authentic re-imaginings of traditional musical treasures, along with a stunning repertoire of her own original songs.

Peia closed us in circle on the last day. We gathered at sunset  to chant, sing, and celebrate what we've created together. It was truly a highlight moment at last year’s festival.

Sister MorningStar, The Village Prenatal

In the workshop that just kept on giving, Sister Morningstar not only lead us in a beautiful village prenatal for all of the sacred pregnant women with us, but she continued to share her wisdom throughout the weekend in various impromptu workshops. 

"We gather around the pregnant mothers, no matter how they plan to birth. We gather around them because they carry the future of our species. They are the Holy Mothers. We support their highest ideal with our listening. We respond, “May it be so! May it be so!” We are wimyn together in this great mystery. We listen. Then we respond, “We are here for you!” 

Whapio, Altered States of Consciousness in Birth 

Another fantastic workshop from a wise elder.  Whapio taught us about the altered states of consciousness in birth…”They are part of our legacy as humans...and women have a special gift of easy access to a place of expanded intuition, insight and revelation. We can harness the power of our expanded perspectives as a birthing woman, a rising matriarch and a wise elder.”

Dr. Melissa Sell, Modern Woman, Ancient Biology: Exploring German New Medicine 

In this workshop, we explored the primal adaptive language of the body discovered by Dr. Hamer. We discussed each of the 5 Biological Laws and how tissue adaptations like ovarian cysts, diarrhea, acne, weight gain, hair loss, and other health "problems" are actually misunderstood gifts from nature.  So many women expanded their understanding of the human body and took radical responsibility for their health!

Emily Bell, Broomcraft & Connection

More than a handcrafts class, Emily created a ritual space for women to settle in and create with intention. Their brooms were the envy of the whole festival.  We are excited to welcome Emily back this year! 


Sabrina Estrellita ‘Galexica’, DJ/Ecstatic Dance

Sound Creatrix Sabrina aka. DJ ‘GALEXICA’ from Dominican Republic joined us and wove all sisters together through Ecstatic Dance.

Sabrina crafted four magical dance journeys for us and held space on each day of the event for everyone to connect in the most authentic way.

Through non-judgement, communication without words, conscious breath and hypnotic, melodic and organic dance beats, she encouraged everyone to dive deep within, expand their movements, explore and express their untamed sensuality.

Kristin Hauser, Menstrual Rites, Rhythms, and Rituals

Here we will explore the hormonal rhythms of the menstrual cycle, rituals for different phases of the cycle and menstruation as a rite of passage. 

This was one of the workshops that so many women kept talking about all week–they were surprised by how hands on it was and the quality of information on a topic that most of them thought they already knew. 


Mariee Sioux, Singer/Songwriter

Mariee Sioux joined us together on Solstice night with the flowing melodies and quivering vibrato of her voice, as well as the poetry itself in her words.

Mariee Sioux brought us back to the child and the grandmother in ourselves, in a time in which it has never been more needed.

Hannah Grace Taylor, Somatic Dance Journey to Meeting the Matriarch Within

Hannah Grace, somatic guide and dancer, guided us in a 2-hour somatic journey to meeting the matriarch within. Through intentional exploration of the body and storytelling through movement, we experienced how it feels to embody your power, and feel deeper into any blocks that stop you from fully expressing the matriarch–along with learning some new choreography and dance skills. 

No prior dance experience required!

Arielle Martinez, Herbal Foraging and Medicine Making

Veladya Chapman, Meg Edwards, Arielle Martinez, Plant Spirit Communication & The Magic Place Flower Essence

Herbalists Arielle Martinez, Meg Edwards, and Veladya Chapman took us on a journey to discuss forming relationships with the flora and fauna around us, plant spirit communication, energetic medicine, and more.  

The most special part was creating a flower essence with foraged flowers from the land around us, and all participants received a bottle to take home to capture the magic of the festival year round. 

Nancy Lucina, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing

Nancy Lucina brought her genius of ceremony to us in opening and closing cacao ceremonies that opened our hearts and brought us closer together as a unit.

Sister Nettle, Intro to Clothing Adornment

 It was so fun to explore the basics of using hand carved stamps and ink to adorn the clothing we wear - with our own artwork! We learned about the tools + process for block printing by hand, watched a demo printing by Meg, and then created a layout choosing imagery from a collection of Meg’s hand carved stamps, and printed our own one-of-a-kind textile piece to take home with us.  We are excited to welcome Meg back this year in our Matriarch Marketplace!

Allison Benner, Ceremonial Earth Dance

This workshop was an opportunity to come together in a ceremonial way and pay homage to the land that holds us during our sacred week together. We began with Wild Nature Movement practices to awaken our access to both sound and embodiment. We then traveled out onto the land in small groups to offer our inspired earth dance to the animals, plants, and waters and experienced the power of being witnessed by one another as we did so. 

Qiddist Ashe, The Sovereign Cervix

The cervix is a portal between your inner and outer worlds, the root of your nervous system, and the passageway for all life. While this transformative female root space is often ignored or feared in our modern medical context, cultivating a deep relationship with cervix is central to embodying our sovereign power as women. In this workshop, we experienced a felt sense of cervix through embodied practice, demystified cervical health and learned how we can lovingly nourish our root, and explored what it means to live a cervix-led life.