Work Trade at MRF '24


We are thrilled to be opening up work-trade positions for MRF. This is your chance to be a part of an incredible all-female team, co-creating one of the most beautiful women’s events in the world! We are so grateful you want to join us and we can’t wait to have you on the team. 


There is a $25 non-refundable application fee to apply for a work trade position.


Our work trade positions exchange one GA ticket (which includes meals at $750) for an expectation of 24-26 work hours. 


**All accepted work-trade positions will purchase their tickets to confirm their spots, and will be refunded the amount once they have fulfilled their duties at MRF. Should you not fulfill your duties, a refund will not be issued. This is to ensure we are vetting for reliable volunteers that we can depend on!


Below are the departments we are filling for work-trade positions. In the application, you will have the option to list these in order of preference. We do not guarantee that you will be placed in any specific department, however we do take your preferences into consideration.



The shifts are 6am - 12pm, 12pm-6pm, & 6pm-11pm. The first group of Cafe workers will work the festival on arrival day, Tuesday June 18th, 12pm-8pm, plus work 3 shifts in the cafe. 

The last group of Cafe workers will work 4 shifts in the Cafe, including the morning of Sunday the 23rd. 

This will total 24-26 hours. The cafe workers won’t be able to leave the property until 12pm on Sunday the 23rd so please keep that in mind. 


Duties include: 

Opening and closing the space

Prep work for open hours including but not limited to: brewing coffee, smoothie prep, light food prep, etc

Making coffee, tea, and other beverages 

Selling snacks 

Taking orders, using a POS for coffee sales

Doing dishes, keeping the space clean as you go, doing a deep clean of the space at closing.

Cafe work traders working arrival day will be responsible for checking in festival attendees, helping to park cars, and anything else needed!


Kids Camp  

If you are working at Kids Camp, you will be assigned to 4 shifts of 6 hours. The shift is every day of the festival from 10am-4pm. 

Duties include: Setting up Kids Camp for the day, prepping simple lunches and snacks for the children, leading activities with the children, caring for them, and cleaning up Kids Camp when they leave. 


Bathroom and Trash Duty  

Duties include: going to each porto potty and the bathrooms and resetting the bathrooms, emptying trash, supplying toilet paper, mopping out the bathhouse, general upkeep. Trash also includes going to the Dining Hall and emptying their trash. 

If this rotation takes you less than 1.5 hours, great! But it must be done 4 times a day, morning/afternoon/evening. You’ll be given a golf cart for making rounds. 


Dining Pavilion  

Duties include: resetting the dining pavilion between meals, cleaning the space, sweeping and wiping down tables, lost and found, emptying trash, etc. The shifts are 5pm- 8pm on June 18th, & 8am-11am & 5pm-8pm June 19th-22nd.


Info Station/MRF Merch Tent  

Duties include: operating the info/merch booth, selling merchandise, using a POS system for merch sales. The shifts are 12pm-6pm Wednesday June 19th-Saturday June 22nd.


Healing Sanctuary 

 If you are assigned to Healing Sanctuary, you must be present by 10am on arrival day, Tuesday June 18th.  

Duties include scheduling appointments and taking payments for the healers in the healing sanctuary. The shifts are 3pm-8pm on arrival day, June 18th, and 10am-3pm on June 19th-22nd.


 Stage Assistant

Duties include assisting the sound team and stage manager as needed. The shift length will vary depending on the stage you are assigned to, and will total 24-26 hours.


Gate Crew 

Duties include: 

Checking people into the festival

Showing people where to park 

Opening and closing gates as needed

The shifts are 6 hours each, 8am-2pm and 2pm-8pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, totaling 24 hours. 



Please note: 

We do not accept applications from anyone bringing children 10 and under. 

Any woman 16 and up can apply! 



If you’d like to move forward with your application, 

please click here to do so.