Our Healers & Vendors for 2024

Matriarch Rising is a meeting place for women all over the world who gather to share, learn, and celebrate woman-to-woman wisdom with one another. We are honored to host an array of experienced healers in our Isis Oasis, who are here to tend your physical and energetic needs. Our Matriarch Marketplace is full of unique women-owned businesses and artisans, who have traveled from all over to connect with you and share their offerings!  This is our current lineup of vendors and healers, with more to come.

Our Vendors

Subluna Herbs

SubLuna is an herbal apothecary that specializes in medicinal mushrooms, functional latte mixes, and herbal haircare.

SubLuna was founded by herbalist and hair healer Arielle de Martinez to help women and their families achieve true sovereignty by embracing wellness and beauty rituals outside of the gaze of oppressive industries that do not serve them, such as the medical and beauty industry.


Amy, the founder of Birthright Co., has a passion for women's holistic health that began with her own hormone journey. After years of trial and error, she discovered the benefits of animal organs and traditional women's herbs, which gave her the fundamental support she needed to heal.

Amy launched Birthright with the goal of having formulas for any woman at any age, providing deep nourishment through the Whole Foods and Herbs that our great-great-grandmothers used to support the women of their community with the ever changing seasons and journey through womanhood. Her hope is that these formulas help women reclaim their Birthright of health, fertility and vitality, just as they have helped Amy reclaim hers.

Rhythm & Ritual Broomcraft

Emileigh Zola Renee gift is in weaving the essence of her connection to the Divine Feminine into the handcrafts that she offers. She believes in the healing power of using one’s hand to create sacred, practical tools.

Intentionally made, her brooms hold this resonance.

When Emileigh is not in her broom workshop, you can find her tending to plants, making medicine, celebrating with community, plunging in creeks, teaching children, studying spiritual texts, or learning new skills.

Sinew Moon

Sinew Moon's roots started as a one-woman team designing and creating clothing with up-cycled materials from a small homestead studio. Through much growth and evolution, owner and lead designer, Carlee Moon, now runs her eco-conscious business in Florida and employs a local team to hand-dye and hand-sew each collection.

Carlee’s journey into motherhood is linked with her journey into business and the birth of Sinew Moon. Carlee continues to be inspired everyday by nature, her family, her community and her customers. It is your participation and support of Sinew Moon that makes this experience magical.

Sister Nettle

Sister Nettle is a creative endeavor imagined and run by Megan Borukhovsky, in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. For the last six years, she has been exploring the realms of textile art, blockprinting, clothing, and other handmade offerings. Sister Nettle is an altar to exploring the spaces between art, textiles, and self-actualization as women.

The calling for her work comes from a matrilineal line of grandmother-to-granddaughter love through fashion, and the inner transformation that can occur when women feel at home and beautiful in their bodies. Her clothing is lovingly and slowly blockprinted by hand for women in every season of life.

Persephone's Path 

Many people know Kathryn Solie for her work as a "poisonous" plant educator. Her mission is to bring about a greater cultural understanding of certain aspects of plant consciousness, and ultimately help generate a community of unique practitioners in dialogue with one another, learning from and supporting each other, both in commonality and contrast. Kathryn will be offering her handcrafted elixirs, essences, and necklaces.

Goddess Ghee

Marion has been making ghee each moon cycle since the birth of her first baby just two years earlier and ghee was the one staple in her kitchen that she didn’t let run dry. Marion began slowly, selling at farmer’s markets with a baby wrapped on her and a toddler running around - not imagining that Goddess Ghee would outgrow her in the ways She has.

Marion is passionate about being an integral piece of Earth, food as medicine, resilient & sovereign living, primal motherhood, the arts, ritual, magic, and mysticism. Devoted to sharing this medicine and holding a vision of supporting a beautiful and simple way of life, Marion hopes that this medicine nourishes everyone it touches.

Medicines of the Womb

Delphi Marie will be vending Tulsi infused magnesium body butter, herbal womb salves, iron tonics, handcrafted yoni steam stools, organic cloth menstrual pads, oxymels, suppositories, tinctures and more.

She spends her days enjoying her homegrown, off-grid Appalachian life, circling with her sisters, mothering her four children, lovingly preparing nourishing foods and wild-harvested medicines, reading, studying, participating in earth-based ceremonies, sewing cloth menstrual pads, singing in the dawn, playing her drum to the waters, and delighting in exploring the wisdom of her own womb and sacred cycles. 

Earth Spiral Apothecary

Kelly Benson has had a very broad spectrum of human experience and professional training that has led her to this place, and her mission and purpose in this earth realm existence is to support others on their path of healing, freedom, expansion, and plant medicine. 

Together, Kelly and her partner are currently offering a full range of delicious herbal creations from their space in Maine for your entire and whole being.


Astral Becoming Readings

Kate Varsava is thrilled to be offering her signature Astral Becoming readings at MRF this year. Step into the Oracle's Tent, a venue unto itself in Gaia's Garden, to experience a deep dive into the blueprint of YOU. You'll receive a reading of your soul-contract in this incarnation, and journey through a map of the perfect matrix of situations, relations, and personal experiences which hold the potential for your evolutions and revolutions. Bask in the revelation of your truest self, and leave with deep awareness, love, and a plan for navigating the highest vibrational expressions of your life.

Kate is a mother, seer, priestess, and prophetess of the oracular lineage of Athena. She has been a student of Western Astrology for the last fifteen years, having studied with wise elder astrologers, mathematicians, Qabbalists, numerologists, kundalini yogis, and practitioners of hermetic magick. Her readings are a signature mix of her interpretation of the language of astrology, paired with the emotional imprints and intuitive downloads of essence. Each reading is an offering of her heart and soul, intended to amplify clarity, purpose, and dignity in her clients.

Anjali Cierva Blanca

Anjali is a North Carolina native with Cuban ancestral lines. As a clay artist, holistic health practitioner, psychedelic integration coach, and ceremonialist, Anjali is revered as the mother of Tantric Mandala. Like most spiritual psychonauts, geometric mandala patterns with radial balance feed her soul. 

Her traveling sanctuary is well-known for her mandala mugs, adaptogenic mushroom tinctures, divination tools, yoni steams, and ceremony integration stories.

Anjali and her boutique both feel like home.

Joli Stavish

Joli is a ceramic artist who loves bringing together the elements of earth, water, and fire to craft functional and beautiful pieces of pottery. She believes that ceramics handmade with love can elevate the energetics of the food or drink being consumed from them. She’ll be selling mugs, bowls, lamps, incense holders, and potion bottles.

Jana Cruder

Jana, our expert on breast health and massage, will be offering 30-minute breast checks and lymphatic breast massage sessions. These sessions are a safe space to learn more about your tissue and unwind common breast misconceptions. She will also be selling breast balms and beautiful hand-made lymph moving tools at the marktplace!

Hearth and Home Mercantile

Returning to Matriarch Rising Festival for the second consecutive year, Hearth and Home Mercantile is a beautifully curated shopping experience, with a wide selection from home decor, unique gifts, hand selected antiques to whimsical children's items. Some of our top sellers include: hand woven baskets and gathering backpacks, vegetable tanned natural sheepskins (perfect for mother and baby), and a wide array of Montessori and Waldorf based children's toys. Owner and founder, Heather Hughes built this business from her passion of shopping small and quality made. Being intentional with our shopping helps to not only reduce our waste footprint, but also bring heirloom quality items to your home that will last generations. Heather is a mother of three small children and a freebirther with a passion for simple and natural living.

Full Circle Holistic

Rebecca Cohen offers her handcrafted herbal medicine for women’s health & wellbeing.

As a folk-herbalist, gardener, and forager, Rebecca's herbal remedies are all handmade from plants that she grows herself, ethically wildcrafts, or sources from local herb farmers whenever possible.

The magic of herbs lies in our connection and communion with the plants. When we take the time to deepen this connection with plants as allies - rather than tools to use at our disposal - deep levels of healing that we never imagined possible can occur on physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. 

Womb Medicine

Kristin Hauser, founder of Womb Medicine offers formulas and steam blends based on Chinese Herbal Medicine and crafted with utmost care, intention and reverence. Herbs used are organic or wild-harvested and tested for pesticide residues to ensure our formulas are potent and in alignment with traditional use.

Try her dual extract formulas and tinctures for hormone healing, pregnancy care and postpartum healing.

Seven Moon Mystic

Catherine Baz seamlessly blends Middle Eastern tradition with modern healing practices, offering a diverse range of experiences to enrich your journey. Her henna artistry, crafted with authentic natural henna paste, not only celebrates ancient symbolism but also transforms everyday moments into enchanting experiences that linger for 7-12 days. Adorn yourself with henna or add a touch of sparkle with her long-lasting glitter tattoos and festival glitter. Beyond body adornment, her mystical tarot readings provide profound insights and guidance, fostering a deep connection with your inner self and the universe. Additionally, her quantum inner child healing offers a transformative journey into the depths of your subconscious, facilitating healing and growth by addressing past traumas and nurturing your inner child's true essence. Join Catherine in embracing the magic of Seven Moon Mystic, where ancient wisdom meets modern healing, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

Bohemian Goods

Heidi is a bookseller and wilderness retreat guide. Visit Heidi’s thoughtfully curated library and explore topics ranging from Women’s Wellness to Mythology to Adventure Memoirs. Buy a book to pass the time while camping at night, or enjoy a slow morning of reading with a hot cup of tea by your side.

Oracle of the Grove

Erin is a priestess, oracle, and sacred wisdom keeper. Her greatest joy is following divine inspiration, being a voice in this world for Spirit, and shining her light brightly (giving others permission to do the same).

Have you always believed there was magic in the world? Have you been sure there was “something more?” If so, you are right. Not only is the world filled with magic and mystery, but you are too. Erin helps people connect to that divine self, the one who knows and exists beyond this world of the physical. When you reclaim your spiritual self and connect with your divine essence, you reclaim the ineffable in your life and you open yourself to events and circumstances beyond your imagining.

Divine Appalachia Print 

Morgan Thurmond is local to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Hayesville NC and owns Divine Appalachia Print Co., a business she launched last fall shortly after freebirthing her first babe. She offers hand dyed and hand printed clothing, including a variety of items designed exclusively for MRF! 


Moon Baby Magic

Natalie Elliot, birth keeper, women’s health coach and herbalist, will be bringing her herbal apothecary products to MRF this year!  Specializing in nourishing womb health, she will have a variety of products that do just that- yoni steam blends, cacao drink mixes, herbal-infused breast and womb oils, and more. She will also have additional tinctures, elixirs, oils and salves made from wildcrafted herbs she’s encountered on her travels through the Southeastern U.S.! 

Natalie is passionate about bringing handmade, organic and wildcrafted herbal goodies to women to support them in nourishing themselves. Her intention with these medicines is that they create a space of ritual self-care for you.


Bhavana Cacao

Our story begins in the heart.

Bhavana Cacao was born from the deep reverence for plants and their sacred healing powers. To connect with plants is to connect with our Earth Mother, and more potentially, to come back to connection with ourselves. We believe in the power of plants and the importance of connecting to the earth and to ancient, indigenous practices to remember our power and purpose. At Bhavana Cacao we believe in the power of community and human-to-human connection to help heal our deepest wounds. We believe in the power of ceremony and heart-centered rituals to help us remember who we are and why our soul is here on earth. Cacao, as a sacred medicine, serves as a potent tool to lead you back to the altar of your own heart to remember who you really are.

Our Healers

Our healers will be taking pre-bookings at the Healing Sanctuary on Arrival Day (June 18th) between 3pm-6pm. Please come prepared to compensate healers in cash, as not all of our healers will receive digital payments. Healing appointments will be made on a first come first serve basis.

Rashida McCoy

LMT & Intuitive Reader

I am a dedicated massage therapist with a passion for nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. With over 12 years of experience, my journey in the healing arts has led me to embrace the sacred feminine and the power of intuitive touch. Building my mobile massage practice through word of mouth and mutual trust, I have witnessed the profound impact of nurturing touch on the lives of my clients. I loved working on everyone at last year's festival so at this year's women's festival, I am honored to offer you massage therapy sessions again and intuitive chakra reading sessions. Embracing the sacred feminine energy, I honor intuition as a guiding force in my practice, allowing it to weave seamlessly into each session, creating a space of deep healing and transformation. I am honored to walk alongside you on your journey to wellness and self-discovery. Let us embrace the magic of sisterhood and the healing power that resides within each of us. Please feel free to DM if you have any questions about the offerings. See you at the festival!

Danielle Evans


I’ve been practicing bodywork for 13 years. I curate sessions primarily from the following three modalities: manual therapy for the vagus nerve, neural reflex work, and compressions along the meridians. The goal of my sessions is to leave the client feeling grounded with a heightened sense of embodiment. 


Sessions will be done with client clothed, herbal body oil + hydrosols integrated into every appointment.


Reem Habash

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Reem offers classical Osteopathic Manual Therapy. If you have never received Osteopathy, the best way to describe it is like you are experiencing pure magic.

It is hands-on work that focuses on alignment of physiology with spirituality. 

It includes craniosacral work, myofascial release, manipulations to joints, and is one of the few therapies that can go a layer deeper by mobilizing the organs. Reem looks at the interconnections of the body, seeking the root cause vs. symptomatic treatment. Sessions can include internal and external work depending on the woman’s comfort (pelvic bowl and intraoral). She is also open to treating your little ones as she specializes in woman centered care and pediatrics. She most recently completed certification in spasms of the brain, to include treatment of concussions, headaches, migraines, as well as emotional, traumatic shocks.

All sessions will begin with an assessment and be directed by what your body is revealing. This is a co-creative effort that requires deep listening to what your tissues and viscera are communicating to the practitioner.

Sydney Burruss


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist out of Orlando, FL. that supports pregnant and postpartum women. My goal is to provide a safe space for healing and meaningful connection between women as we navigate transitioning from single womanhood into motherhood.

All massages are tailored to each client's individual needs and massage sessions are offered at a flat rate based on the length of each session.

Delphi Marie

Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner

Delphi’s style of bodywork is an ancient feminine remembrance, nurturing & nourishing.

Weaving Maya abdominal/womb massage, Holistic Pelvic Care™ and traditional massage therapy to ease painful menstruation, increase fertility, help you access your creativity and embody your fullness.

Jeanette Steiner


Jeanette is a soulful, sincere woman bearing witness to the whimsical, weary and wise; keeping us all connected to the quiet place within. She embodies the Folk Feminine by cultivating a safe, nurturing space supportive of your energetic revival, physical rejuvenation and spiritual radiance. Jeanette is a highly intuitive, multi-skilled massage therapist with over a decade in practice that immerses herself in the art of touch to create a deeply therapeutic treatment based on your needs. 

If you have a workshop you’d like to bring to the festival, handcrafted goods you’d like to sell, or offer bodywork or healing, please visit our Get Involved section for details on how to apply.
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